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7 Seven Tools Essential for a Samsung Repair

Are you thinking of switching the cracked screen, or replacing the battery in your mobile phone?  If so, there are several tools that it’s vital to have to make your job easier. Thankfully you’ll only need to purchase a repair kit that comes with all the necessary tools for a Samsung repair, which includes:

1. Suction cup pliers

In case you require an phone repair, having a suction cup plier is vital as it’s for prying up the display for you to get inside. Therefore when you’re doing a Samsung repair, a suction cup plier is essential. Attach one suction cup at the back of the phone, another to the front; squeeze the pliers to separate the display from the phone. This is quite a handy repair tool even for the slightest phone repair service.samsung repair-heat gun

2. Hairdryer or heat gun

With the current models of smartphones, you can’t pry them open without having to heat up it’s adhesive first. This is where the heat gun is vital; the heat softens the adhesive, which makes it easy to separate the display when prying the phone open. It also reduces the chances of something else breaking.

3. Magnetic mat

samsung repair-Magnetic mat

When you’re doing a Samsung repair, there are a lot of loose screws, and small parts that are kept organized; hence, preventing them from getting lost. Therefore, this is where the magnetic mat comes to play; it keeps the tiny screws from rolling off the working table and getting lost. The mat also contains separator lines for organizing parts and keeping track of all the parts.

4.Guitar picks

In case you’re dealing with a stubborn display assembly that’s glued down, a guitar pick would be ideal for such cases. You can utilize this tool as makeshift spudger; they are handy in acting as spacers, which keep the pulled parts separate.

5. Old credit cards

Similar to the guitar picks, old credit cards help in prying open your phone on certain parts. Credit cards are ideal as they enable you to pry open a larger surface area.  With an old credit card, you can pry out stubborn batteries, which stuck to their adhesive.

This is because; with an old credit card, you can easily slide it underneath an entire battery to slowly work it out without puncturing anything. Therefore when you’re having a Samsung repair, ensure that you have an old credit card beside you.

6. Magnifying glass


Mobile phones have tiny parts; that unless you have good eyesight, seeing them can be difficult. This is where the magnifying glass is particularly very essential. They also are very affordable.

7. Desk lamp

When it comes to a desk lamp, you’ll be amazed at what it can do, with one of these tools; you’ll know the difference that adequate lighting can bring. It’s essential to have sufficient light when you’re doing a Samsung repair. This is because; you can be able to see parts that you might have been able to.

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