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A Step by Step Guide in accomplishing an iPhone Glass Repair

When your iPhone has a cracked screen, as long as the LCD isn’t damaged, then all you’ll require is an iPhone glass repair, to get your phone good as new. When going for an iPhone glass repair, you can opt to take it to an Apple-authorized repair shop and have the phone repaired. This option will cause you some good amount of money as the iPhone one year limited warranty doesn’t cover abuses or accidental breakages.
iphone glass repair

You’ll, therefore, need to pay as much as $199 for a 4GB iPhone and $245 for an 8GB iPhone repairs. Additionally, there is a high probability of having to wait for a week or two months to get your iPhone back, depending on high up you re on the queue.  The second solution is buying an iPhone glass repair kit from third-parties and makes the repairs yourself. This solution will cost you about $12 to $65.
iphone glass repair

Step by step guide in doing an iPhone glass repair yourself

  1. Connecting the iPhone to a computer and backing up all important files in the device.
  2. Gathering and preparing the repair tools you’ll require such as the screwdriver, a tiny suction cup, tweezers and a razor as a scraping tool.
  3. Preparing the material found in the iPhone glass repair kit that is the new screen glass and other small components.
  4. The screwdriver is used in unscrewing the two screws at the bottom of the phone.
  5. Remove the cracked glass screen with a suction cup or razor.
  6. The iPhone screen contains three layers; the glass screen, the digitizer and the LCD. You’ll need to gently pull out the layers and unscrew their screws carefully using the razor and screwdriver.
  7. Clean the metal frame from any broken or stuck glass, after pulling out the layers. This is to ensure the new glass screen fits well.
  8. Assemble the layers back; the LCD layer goes first by sliding it from the bottom of the phone, followed by the digitizer and finally the glass screen. Remember to screw back the screws.

The third solution would be taking your device to a phone repair shop to get the iPhone glass repair done. This is a safer option as it ensures that you’ll have your phone back fixed, looking good as new and not having to spend a fortune in the process. This is an ideal option for you if you have budgetary constraints. iPhone glass repair done by a third-party company can cost you from $70 to $150.

If there are no third-parties repair companies in your location, you’ll need to source iPhone glass repair outside your area, mail the phone to the chosen repair shop. This will automatically add the timeframe in getting the phone fixed; ensure to track the reference information offered by the third party.

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