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Android Phone Speaker Repair

There is nothing as annoying as when you’re talking over the phone and your speaker mutes.  It’s in such instances that you’ll need a speaker repair; however, before going for a speaker repair at a phone repair near me. There are dozens of troubleshooting techniques that you can employ to restore the volume.

Phone Speaker

Steps to repair your device speaker


1. Turn the speaker on

In case you’re not able to hear the person on the other end, check if the speaker is enabled. The speaker icon is highlighted or green if it’s active. If it’s not activated, tap the speaker icon to light up and enable it.

2. Turn up the in-call volume


In case the speaker is on, but you still can’t hear the other person, you still don’t necessarily need to visit a phone repair shop near me, for a speaker repair. This is because; the solution could be in turning up the volume that may be too low or turned down. On the left side of your device, there’s a volume up button that you can press.

On pressing the button, there’s a display of the volume level indicator. You can press the button or slide the volume indicator to the right until you hear the person on the other end. Keep in mind to set the in-call volume you need to be on a call; therefore, you can call your voicemail to experiment on your in-call settings.

3. Adjust the app sound settings

For some apps like Facebook, you can mute sound separately from the main volume. Therefore, if you don’t have sound in a particular application, this could be the reason. Hence, check the app’s sound settings, for the sound may be down low or muted in the app, and you’d have had a successful speaker repair.

4. Check the media volume

Another cause of problems with your speaker could be the media volume is either off or down. A speaker repair, in this case, would be to navigate to settings, tap on sounds and vibrations, tap volume, and move the media slider to the right; hence, increasing volume.

5. Ensure Do Not Disturb isn’t enabled

It’s vital to ensure that the Do Not Disturb feature isn’t enabled; this is because; it could be the reason why you don’t have sound on your device. Go to settings and turn the feature off.

6. Make sure your headset is not plugged inyour headset is not plugged3

Before you go for phone repair to have a speaker repair, for you don’t have sound from your device. Ensure that your headphones are off, as they automatically disable your external speaker. Also, if your headphones are not completely seated in the audio jack, it could be the case.

7. Clean the speaker

With time, speakers get clogged or dirty. Therefore, they’ll need a bit of cleaning, and that’s all the speaker repair you’ll need to do. Before cleaning the speakers, turn the phone off and remove the battery. Using a can of compressed air, blow quick bursts into the speaker, you’ll notice debris and some lint after blowing the speaker.

You may be able to blow through the speaker without opening the case. You’ll need to consult with a smartphone dealer or your phone’s manual for this process. Don’t clean the speakers if you’re not familiar with the phone’s hardware or if it’s under warranty.

8. Reboot your deviceReboot your device

Rebooting your phone usually clears software glitches that may disable the sound system. Press and hold the power button until there’s a set of options on the screen, and then tap on the restart option to reboot your device.

Android Phone Speaker Repair

If you still don’t have sound from your device, then it’s best to take it to professionals for a speaker repair. You can visit our local shops in Rancho Cordova and Folsom, to have repairs on your speaker among other phone parts. At First Response Phone Repair, we value our customers’ satisfaction, and we have a policy of no fix no pay.

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