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How to Take Care of a Phone Screen

Phone ScreenA phone screen allows the user to navigate quickly through the different applications and icons on the phone. It is however very easy to damage the screen, especially when not handled in the right way. Having the basic knowledge of how to take good care of your mobile phone screen will prolong the life of the device by ensuring that it does not get damaged easily.

Below are the primary care tips that you should observe while using your smartphone:


Clean with care– most phone screens are made using tempered glass. Tempered glass should be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser to prevent surface scratches and other phone damages.


Phone Screen

Don’t wipe the phone screen using your nails– most users have a ubiquitous habit of scrolling phone screens using their fingernails. This is wrong as it contributes to damaging of the screen. Touch screens are meant for fingers only and the nails.


Don’t press the screen heavily-the modern phone screen technology is highly sensitive and can easily detect the presence of fingers even without long pressing. This means that there is no need of pressing them profoundly lest you damage the inner phone screen parts.


Keep your phone screen away from direct sunlight exposure-prolonged exposure to direct sun rays can easily damage the phone screen. The rays disturb the thin liquid layer gel which forms a layer over the phone. Always make sure that your phone is in a cool place, even when you are in a car.


Keep a soft cloth for wiping the phone– phones get dirty often, but this does not mean that you use everything that comes your way to clean it.  Keep a small and soft material purposely for the phone: Avoid kitchen towels, tissue paper or any other inappropriate material.


Buy a phone cover-Some phones are light and thin, and they can easily slip from your hand and fall. A phone cover protects your phone from getting damaged even when it falls accidentally


Keep your phone screen dry– avoid using your phone when it’s raining, when fetching water, when swimming or in a pool. It may accidentally fall and damage the screen and inner parts as well. Avoid also eating or drinking while using your phone.


Don’t put your smartphone in the same pocket with sharp objects such as keys-A phone screen is a highly delicate part of the phone.  Just like the fingernails, sharp objects scratch the phone even without your knowledge. Continuous scratches will eventually reduce the lifespan of the phone screen. If possible, always keep the phone in an empty pocket.


Repair your phone screen


repair phone screenAs earlier mentioned, sometimes the factors that result in phone screen damage are uncontrollable. When such unfortunate event happens, be sure to take your phone to a cell phone repair.

There are many benefits of phone screen repair; the main one being that it prevents further damage. If your phone has a cracked phone screen and needs a replacement, be sure to contact First Response Phone Repair services in Rancho Cordova. You will not only get excellent services but also advice on how to maintain your device.

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