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IPad Screen Repair on the Touch Screen

IPad Screen Repair -iPadWhen it comes to iPads, they are sophisticated devices, with internal parts that have a sleek design. Although the device is sturdy, it only takes one hard drop, and the touchscreen may end up shattering. Consequently, making you require an iPad screen repair. You can opt to take your device to a phone repair near me, or you can make the repairs yourself.

Doing an iPad screen repair yourself.

While doing iPads repairs, it’s best to start from the bottom right corner, which is about 5cm in from the corner of the device. The repairs will require the utilization of some tools such as the narrow paint scraper or a flat scalpel, a heat gun or hairdryer.  The use of the flat scalpel is risky as it’s able to cut off vital cables easily; therefore, making the narrow paint scrapper ideal.

The heat gun is for heating the screen while removing it. The glue inside the device melts while heating the iPad ensure that you don’t overheat the screen as the LCD can get damaged underneath. It’s also essential to be careful due to the Wi-Fi cable glued inside the touchscreen; that is an inch to the right of the home button.IPad Screen Repair -iPads repairs

Carefully remove the touchscreen from the casing, detach the cable from the touchscreen. While doing the iPad screen repair ensure not to damage the plastic bezel that is around the outside of the touchscreen. If you’re careful, then fitting the opening tool between the touchscreen and bezel becomes easy; you can, however, replace it.

While heating move the opening tool around the iPad slowly in an anti-clockwise motion. During the iPad screen repair process, the next danger zone at the top right corner of the screen is the volume/on-off flex cable. Slowly work on this area in order not to damage the cable, most technicians still manage to break the cable now and then.

Repairing 3G iPad models

If the iPad is a 3G model, detach the 3G modules and Bluetooth at the top on either side of the camera glued inside the touchscreen. You now need to loosen the bottom left corner, pulling the touchscreen away like opening a book. On the left near the bottom is the touchscreen flex cables, carefully pull as they are still connected to the mainboard.

IPad Screen Repair -iPads repairsLoosen the screws around the LCD, and lift it out as if you’re opening a book, for the connector of the LCD is on the left side. Using the thin gold clip, disconnect the LCD out of the board, and remove the touchscreen. Ensure to take note of the camera and home button glued on the touchscreen and replicate them on the replacement screen.

All adhesive and glass should be removed from the frame; the 3M double side tape pre-cut out for iPad is the best adhesive. The trickiest part of doing an iPad screen repair yourself is the folding of the cable in the casing to not stop the touchscreen from sitting flush. You can have a look at the old one to check how the folds are.

If you’re not capable of doing the iPad screen repair, not to worry, we, have your back. You can visit our shops in Rancho Cordova and Gold River for iPad repair and any other device repairs. At First Response Phone Repair we deal with iPads repair, Phone repairs, console repairs and computer repairs.

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