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iPhone 7 Replace Screen in North Highlands

As an individual, having a broken iPhone 7 screen is not the end of the world. This is especially the case with the presence of stores for iPhone 7 replace screen in North Highlands. If your screen has a minimal crack, that is mainly cosmetic.

iphone 7 replace screen - iPhone 7You have the option of putting off the repairs until the cracks are problematic.

In this case, getting a screen protector would be ideal for preventing the crack from spreading throughout the screen.

Getting iPhone 7 replace screen in North Highlands done by Apple

When it comes to iPhone 7 replace screen in North Highlands, the best option would be visiting Apple for the iPhone repair. With an AppleCare +, repairing a broken iPhone 7 can cost about $29. Nonetheless, AppleCare+ costs one hundred and twenty-nine dollars; however, this covers two broken screen accidents on a particular device.iphone 7 replace screen - AppleCare-+-129

Therefore, your first screen repair will cost one hundred and fifty-eight dollars. This costs more than screen replacement done for iPhone 7 without AppleCare+. Nevertheless, on breaking the screen for the second time, the cost for repairing the incident goes to ninety-three dollars and fifty cents. The cost of an iPhone screen repair without an AppleCare+ can still cost a reasonable price.

To get an iPhone 7 replace screen in North Highlands done by Apple, you’ll need to send in your device to an Apple Repair center or Apple Store. You’ll have your device returned in three to five business days after the store receives your device. This consequently means going for a week without your phone.

Getting a third party for an iPhone 7 replace screen in North Highlands

iPhone owners have iPhone 7 replace screen in North Highlands done by a third party. Going to a third party store is an ideal option as it costs way less than going to an Apple Store. It is an excellent option if you don’t stay near an Apple Store and cannot go for a whole week without your phone.

You should also note that going to a third party will void any warranty that your phone may have. Therefore, it is essential to go to a third party that offers warranty on the parts and services used for making repairs; additionally, you check if the repair store is certified by Apple to offer iPhone repairs. When taking your device for repairs, it is essential to backup your data. This is essential as it’s a safe move; even though nothing will happen to your data, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore if you need an iPhone 7 replace screen in North Highlands, First Response Phone Repair has your back. We provide warranty services on all our repairs. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, we work with diligence to ensure our customers are happy, and we also have experienced staff working on your device. We also have our shops located in Antelope, CA, and Rio Linda, CA. You can therefore visit us for iPhone repairs, console repair, tablet repair, and computer repair.

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