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Main Replaceable Mobile Phone Parts

Mobile phones can make and receive calls, send texts and emails, enable you to log to the internet and take pictures among others. The market has various phone styles; hence, different phone parts available that you can use to replace your defective part. However, some features are constant, or similar on the various phone types.Phone Parts


The earpiece is located at the top of the phone. It acts as the speaker that allows the user to hear the person on the other end of the call.

2. Microphone

The microphone is near the bottom of your device, it picks up the volume of the speaker, transmitting it to the listener on the other end of the call.

3. Camera lens

Camera lensAnother phone part is the camera lens found at the front or back of the phone. The camera lens can be on the exterior of the phone or interior with the keypad and menu dial.

4. Display

The display screen shows the name of the individual and number your dialing. Depending on the phone type, there can also be a display of websites and videos. For instance, smartphones have LCD phone displays, which are critical but are easily damaged by everyday utilization.

5. Charging ports

Another reason that requires a visit to a phone repair shop near me is the charging port. If your phone cannot charge, in most cases there’s a problem with your charger port. Charging ports allow the phones to be recharged through the use of USB connectors.Charging ports


When it comes to batteries, they are the most common phone parts that require replacement. This phone repair is usually done by the consumers, by merely replacing the dying or dead battery. However, there are phones with fixed batteries; their replacement is possible with the use of the right tools and phone parts. This phone repair service is ideal when your phone no longer holds as it should

7. Digitizers assemblies

The digitizer assemblies are not LCD screen displays but are the glass covers of LCDs. The digitizers translate your manuals actions like tap and swipe to signals, which the device interprets and act on. In most cases, digitizers come with flex cable for connecting the phone to the electronic phone heart.

When you’re replacing phone parts by yourself as to when you have professionals do the repairs, the latter will require more money for the repairs to be made.  In case you’re doing the repairs yourself, then you can order the phone parts from us. However, if you’re not into the DIY phone repairs, look for our phone repair shop near me in Rancho Cordova and Carmichael for repairs.

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