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Making Money On Game Console Repair

With today’s economy of industries collapsing causing a lot of job insecurities. Therefore, people are looking for ways of getting an income, which brings us to the question; can game console repair give you profit? To answer that question let’s look at the following facts.Game console repair

  1. Nearly 40% of households in the US have at least one video game console.
  2. Video gaming industry makes about $40 billion in a year.
  3. With an increase in the price of gas, individuals are looking for different ways of entertaining themselves, making video gaming an attractive option.
  4. An average of 200 video games are released every month in different platforms
  5. Video game consoles have been available for four decades, making video games companies’ impact players in entertainment in homes for about 30 years.

With the facts above, game console repairs can be a means of income generation for individuals.

How often can game console repair be done?

Game console repairAt the moment, the current generation of video game consoles is not as robust as the previous versions.  For instance, let’s take the case of Microsoft Xbox 360, which plagues with a persistent problem of 3 red lights which is known as 3RLOD (3 red lights of death) or 3RL. They are an indication of hardware failure and occur at the front of the console. Microsoft however, does not disclose the details to the public.

With the 3RL problem thought as hopeless, there has been the formulation of cures. The cures do work, and in most cases, they permanently solve your 3RL issues; however, Microsoft refuses to acknowledge the cures. When it comes to game console repair using the cures to repair the 3RL problem, it is particularly easy to implement to the Xbox 360.

You will need to study the procedures to have the unit up and running. You won’t require a thorough knowledge of electronics, any repair experience or read about complicated schematics. You will only need to follow the tutorials on YouTube. However, not all console owners are willing to learn all these; this is where game console repair comes in.

Game console repair makes individuals earn money by making repairs themselves or publishing information such as eBooks, detail steps on fixing video units or special reports. This as seen by an entrepreneur selling information of fixing the dreaded 3RL issues for Xbox 360. Note that the entrepreneur earns by advertising the product in a popular Xbox 360 forum.

Game console repairWhen deciding on a company that offers console repair services, it’s vital to go to a company that is certified. Go for a company that has experienced staff and provides more than one function. For instance, don’t go for a company that offers only console repairs, instead, go for one that has iPhone repair and phone repair services among others.

In case you cannot make a game console repair by yourself visit our shops in Rancho Cordova and Fair Oaks for repair services. At First Response Phone Repair, we offer console repair, tablet repair, iPad repair, and iPhone repair services. Contact us for repair services on your devices.

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