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Risks Of Using A Cracked Phone Screen

A cracked phone screen can result from dropping your device, due to the impact it receives. Your smartphone display is made up of glass or acrylic; hence, the reason why it breaks when you drop it. A cracked phone screen turns off its aesthetic value, productivity and increases its health-related issues. Recommendations are user ought to stop utilizing their phone when it has a cracked screen as it can cause injury.cracked phone screen

  1. Touch screen malfunction

A cracked phone screen will not get better with time; the touch screen capacity of your device is compromised. For instance, when you may require more time for your phone to respond to finger gestures, it will get worse resulting in no response at all. A broken screen is susceptible to finger oils, debris, and dust, which they make their way into the phone through the cracks, damaging it with time.

  1. Eye strain

With a smartphone, you can get access to a high definition display which gives its user viewing experience. However, when the HD screens break, you will have an eyesore. This is because of the difficulty in viewing the screen due to its cracked areas.cracked phone screen

You will continue to squint your eye, to decipher the needed article you’re reading. With a cracked phone screen, it makes it a significant task than what it ought to be.

  1. Splinter on your finger

A cracked phone screen puts your fingers at a higher risk of getting cuts while swiping through the phone. If your phone has severe cracks, you could end up hurting yourself with the small glass fragments.

  1. Loss of protection

The screen function is to protect the inner parts of a phone from the outside environments, which have the potential of damaging your device. For instance, cleaning of your phone is through the utilization of a damp cloth. With a cracked screen, this is not advisable as water can through the cracks giving your phone a short circuit. If you have the newest smartphone in the market that is waterproof, having a cracked phone screen invalidates the waterproof functionality.

  1. Exposure to harmful radiation

According to research made, radiofrequency from mobile phones are carcinogenic to humans. The American Cancer Society, also states that more research needs to be made, to come into a conclusion if cell phones pose health risks to its users.

  1. Road hazard

Mobile devices come with GPS and maps to assist its user in navigating unfamiliar neighborhoods or roads. Users will, therefore, make glances at their phones while driving, with a cracked phone screen; this is made to be a difficult task, which can cause drivers to lose focus on the road.

This is because drivers will need to take their eyes from the road while utilizing a phone’s GPS. This can cause significant hazard and safety risks.

A cracked phone screen is unsightly, productivity and the overall well-being of the user is affected. Take your cracked phone screen to a phone repair near me to get it fixed. You can utilize a protective case to reduce more damage on the device.cracked phone screen

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