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What to Consider when Buying the Best Phone Parts for Quality Repairs

The need for mobile parts has been on the rise. According to Statista.com, the global population in ownership of mobile devices in 2019 is 13.09 billion. That number is anticipated to hit 16.8 billion come the year 2023. Also, the Pew Research Center reports that the majority (96%) of Americans own a cellphone. And the share of those who own smartphones has risen from 35% in 2011 to 81% in 2019.

Phone Parts -USA mapThat trend has seen the rise and growth of a supportive industry in the market place; the phone parts sales and repair industry, which generates revenue of 4 billion dollars annually in the US. On average, the industry has been on the growth at a rate of 5.5% per year, with more than 8,000 businesses at present.

Those statistics can be explained by the fact that mobile phones are not different from any other devices. Therefore, they are prone to get damaged. That shouldn’t get you worried; phone repair experts can address most of your phone problems. But, some hardware malfunctions might require you to buy other mobile phone parts.

So, what do you consider when buying the mobile phone parts?

Do you need quality repairs which should last for an extended period? Then shop for the ideal mobile phone parts by taking into account the following considerations;

  1. The reputation of the shop

Phone Parts- reputationsLook out for a reputable shop dealing with sales on mobile phone parts. Some phone repair shops will also sell you the phone parts. Of course, there is that one particular shop that is well-known for selling the best mobile spares. Inquire from friends or join the 90% of consumers who read online reviews to determine the best business that can address their needs conveniently.

  1. Quality of the mobile phone parts

Now that you have identified a good shop, what is the quality of the phone parts they are offering? We have brands that are good at producing high-quality replacement phone parts. Therefore, check whether the ideal shop stocks products from such brands. That guarantees you of a service that will last for a considerable period.

  1. Compatibility of the phone parts

Phone Parts-Quality of the mobile phone partsYes, they are of high-quality, but are they compatible with your phone? Know your mobile phone well to ensure you buy the compatible phone parts. Otherwise, you might end up buying similar phone parts that don’t fit well or can’t even function with your phone. Of course, that will inconvenience you in terms of time and money, because at times, getting refunds is hectic.

The majority (60%) of phone repair shops also sell the phone parts, so it is advisable to carry your phone. That will enable the phone repairer to test for spare compatibility before you make a purchase.

  1. Affordability of the phone parts

Although the phone parts are of high-quality and compatible, are they affordable? Is the price too high when compared to the quality of services? If you are okay with the charges, then settle for the deal, if not, you always have the choice of looking for the better option.

The bottom-line

Only 14% of mobile repair shops are found in the western United States, and California accounts for 10% of the industry in general. For that 10%, one business stands out in Rancho Cordova Folsom cities; First Response Phone Repair. Feel free to reach us out for iPad and iPhone repairs among other phone parts services you might need.

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