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What to Do Before Taking Your Phone to a North Highlands Phone Fixer

North Highlands phone fixer - survivingKnowing a North Highlands phone fixer is essential, especially considering the reliance that we have on phones. Phones are essential as they help run a business, capture pictures, create memories, and for entertainment reasons. When it comes to phones, they are full of our personal information, whereby surviving without them can be difficult.

When your phone accidentally gets damaged or has an internal hardware failure, knowing a North Highlands phone fixer can be very beneficial. This is because you’ll be in a position of getting your phone up and running in no time. However, before handing in your device for phone repair, there are essential factors that one needs to consider; they include the following.

 1. Creating a full back up of your data

North Highlands phone fixer - Creating a full backupOne of the most vital things when it comes to a phone is the information contained within it. Our phones contain important messages and emails, videos, contacts, photos, documents, etc.  Therefore, it is vital to backup all your essential data prevent the risk of losing your data during the phone repair. Backing up your information can be done by syncing your contacts to Google contacts, your calendar to Google calendar, photos in your Google photos; any other data can be stored in your Google Drive. Backing up your information can also be done using external storage or a hard drive.

2. Removing the SIM Card

North Highlands phone fixer - Removing the SIM CardHowever strange this might be seen, it is essential to remove your SIM Card before taking your phone to a North Highlands phone fixer. This is essential as having your SIM getting into the wrong hands can cause it to be misused. Hence, ensure that you remove your SIM before handling your phone to the experts.

Additionally, you’ll be in a position to use your SIM card while your phone is in repair. Hence,  offering you the chance of not missing out on important calls made to you.

3. Removing of security locks

North Highlands phone fixer - Removing of security locksBefore handing your phone to a North Highlands phone fixer, ensure you disable any locks that your phone may have. This is from PIN, pattern lock, or authentication by your fingerprint. By doing this, technicians at North Highlands phone fixer will be able to repair your phone and test to check if the problem has been fixed. To remove security locks from your device, go to your device’s settings.

4. Removing the external storage

Every phone comes with a micro-SD card slot, similar to the SIM card; you’ll need to remove the micro-SD card as well. On removing it, ensure that you keep it safe together with the SIM card. This is crucial to perform as most of your media files are stored on the SD card. Removing your SD card is essential as there might be sensitive information on the card; therefore, if the card gets damaged or lost, it means you’ll end up losing important data.

When taking your device to a North Highlands phone fixer, it’s essential to note down your phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), which helps you avoid misplacing your phone. Therefore, if you’re looking for a North Highlands phone fixer, First Response Phone Repair is here to ensure you get quality phone repair services for your gadget. You can also visit our shops in Rio Linda, CA, and Antelope, CA.

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