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First Response Phone Repair is your number one choice when it comes to offering repair service for all your smart devices. Our specialty in providing a wide range of repair services is what makes First Response Phone Repair standout amongst the crowd of repair services around you. Rest assured that we will get your tablet up and running in no time.

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Hi, My name is Denis.  I have always had a passion of being able to help out the community of Sacramento, California.


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First Response Phone Repair started doing business in a shop in Sacramento, California. From those humble origins, we can now provide a one-stop-shop for all manner of issues your phone might face. We sell new and used devices, we can repair any malfunction your phone may have and we can refurbish cracked or damaged screens.

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Main Replaceable Mobile Phone Parts

Mobile phones can make and receive calls, send texts and emails, enable you to log to the internet and take pictures among others. The market has various phone styles; hence, different phone parts available that you can use to replace your defective part. However, some features are constant, or similar on the various phone types.


The earpiece is located at the top of the phone. It acts as the speaker that allows the user to hear the person on the other end of the call… read more about Phone parts

Android Phone Speaker Repair

There is nothing as annoying as when you’re talking over the phone and your speaker mutes.  It’s in such instances that you’ll need a speaker repair; however, before going for a speaker repair at a phone repair near me. There are dozens of troubleshooting techniques that you can employ to restore the volume.

Steps to repair your device speaker

 1. Turn the speaker on

In case you’re not able to hear the person on the other end, check if the speaker is enabled. The speaker icon is highlighted or green if it’s active. If it’s not activated, tap the speaker icon to light up and enable it…. read more about speaker repair

5 Tips To Find IPhone Repair Quality Services

Did you find iPhone scratches on the screen? Are there broken phone parts? Or, do you have a malfunctioning charger or battery? If that is it, and your guarantee for iPhone care is intact, then you are on the safe side. But if it is out of replacement, then you can find iPhone repair services to be significantly high in terms of cost.

In case you find it strange to fix it personally (of course, not advisable), you can find iPhone repair near me to get the job done. Still, you can look out for mailing-in services if your location is different from where the shop is situated.

What about the quality of repair service? Not all business use high-quality phone parts. Therefore, we have 5 Tips to find iPhone Repair Quality Services for you to consider… read more about  find iPhone

How Do You Benefit From Expert Mobile Cell Repair Services?

The ideal professional mobile cell repair store hires a team of experts well conversant with the most appropriate approaches to repairing and replacing damaged phone parts. Under circumstances when you experience the problems of a broken screen, don’t be frustrated and worried. Consider taking the phone to a mobile cell repair expert rather than attempting to do the fixing on your own.

Can you trust third party mobile cell repair services?

The majority of phone repair experts are credible and reliable. Hence, they carry out the repair or replacement process keenly to ensure that your phone restores almost to the original state. While several stores have specialized in fixing only particular phone brands, others have generalized their services to handle various phone brands. All in all, a phone repair service saves you the lucrative expenses of having to purchase a new phone… read more about Mobile Cell Repair

Apple Store Repair Services On Your IPhone

If you’re looking for Apple-certified repair services, then you can be able to get the repair services at an Apple store repair. You can also look for Apple Authorized Service providers; for instance, an iPhone repair near me. The Technicians at an iPhone repair shop have Apple training, which enables them to deliver high-quality services using genuine Apple parts.


Apple store repair or authorized iPhone repair services, offer you same day’s service on repairs like screen repair. In case you send your iPhone to an Apple store repair, or a technician sends it on your behalf. The device will be ready for pick-up or returned in seven to nine days. The cost of repair service or replacement will be determined after a technician examines your device. There are cases where the repair service is covered by an Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare plan… read more about Apple Store Repair

What to Consider when Buying the Best Phone Parts for Quality Repairs

The need for mobile parts has been on the rise. According to Statista.com, the global population in ownership of mobile devices in 2019 is 13.09 billion. That number is anticipated to hit 16.8 billion come the year 2023. Also, the Pew Research Center reports that the majority (96%) of Americans own a cellphone. And the share of those who own smartphones has risen from 35% in 2011 to 81% in 2019.

That trend has seen the rise and growth of a supportive industry in the market place; the phone parts sales and repair industry, which generates revenue of 4 billion dollars annually in the US. On average, the industry has been on the growth at a rate of 5.5% per year, with more than 8,000 businesses at present… read more about Phone Parts

A Simple Guide On How To Start A Phone Repair Business

Would you like to start a phone repair business? Well, you need not be scared, all you’ve need to do is be keen and flexible. Phone repair business is a dynamic field with new developments and phone upgrades happening every other day. Therefore, for your business to be successful, you need a plan, set your goals, and keep yourself posted with the latest phones repair skills.

The following steps will help you start your own phone repair business from scratch;

·         Research About the Industry

Starting a business in an industry which you understand and are passionate about is a plus to your success. However, you need to gather substantial information about the project of interest like; what it entails, and the regulations you need to follow. It would be best if you also draw a phone repair business plan implying how you intend to run your business in terms of how you will market, operate, and manage the business finances… read more about Phone Repair

How To Find The Best Shop To Fix Cracked Screen

Phone screen repair requires trained technicians to fix cracked screen professionally. Other types of phone damages include spoilt cameras, earpieces, and swollen batteries, among others.

Before you embark on a decision to have your phone repaired, you will need to identify a phone repair shop where a professional technician will conduct a diagnosis and recommend the best course of action. Failure to make an informed choice on good a repair shop to fix cracked screen could cost you time, wrong diagnosis or even loss of your phone.

Therefore, instead of settling for the first repair shop you find, consider following the tips below for more successful search… read more about fix cracked screen

Making Money On Game Console Repair.

With today’s economy of industries collapsing causing a lot of job insecurities. Therefore, people are looking for ways of getting an income, which brings us to the question; can game console repair give you profit? To answer that question let’s look at the following facts.

  1. Nearly 40% of households in the US have at least one video game console.
  2. Video gaming industry makes about $40 billion in a year.
  3. With an increase in the price of gas, individuals are looking for different ways of entertaining themselves, making video gaming an attractive option.
  4. An average of 200 video games are released every month in different platforms
  5. Video game consoles have been available for four decades, making video games companies’ impact players in entertainment in homes for about 30 years.

With the facts above, game console repairs can be a means of income generation for individuals… read more about game console repair

5 Things to Do After your Phone Screen Breaks with iPhone Screen Repair Sacramento

What comes to your mind immediately your expensive iPhone drops and the screen cracks? Will you buy a new one, or will you visit iPhone screen repair Sacramento shop to have it fixed? Well, either decision will still get you back online although the speed will vary.

As you contemplate on how to get back online quickly, the tips below will help you with your decision;

·        Check Your Warranty And Insurance

Before deciding to visit iPhone screen repair Sacramento shop near you, check if your phone is-on-warrant, or if your phone insurance covers screen repairs. It is also important that you resist the urge to break your phone open…  read more about Iphone screen repair Sacramento

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I Fix Phones Repair Services

Your search for the best phone repair services ends at I Fix Phones. Our mobile phone repairs services are outstanding and worth trying.

Staying offline, due to a broken phone can cost you money, and time. At the same time, if you have to ship your gadget to the manufacturer for repairs, it will only further disrupt your routine work and communication. At I fix phones, we understand your situation very well. For this reason, we strive to revive our client’s phones professionally in the shortest time possible, and at an affordable price.

If you are stuck and wondering where to get your cell phone or Ipad for repair, I fix phones is your one-stop shop…   read more about I Fix Phones

Risks Of Using A Cracked Phone Screen

cracked phone screen can result from dropping your device, due to the impact it receives. Your smartphone display is made up of glass or acrylic; hence, the reason why it breaks when you drop it. A cracked phone screen turns off its aesthetic value, productivity and increases its health-related issues. Recommendations are user ought to stop utilizing their phone when it has a cracked screen as it can cause injury…   read more about Cracked Phone Screen 

How To Fix Your Phone Screen, What You Need To Know

Having a cracked screen is something we all dread of; however, it’s something we would eventually deal with. In case it happens, don’t worry so much about it, as you can fix your phone screen and everything goes back to normal. There’s a horror that grips you as your phone falls on pavement, well if you’re lucky not even a single scratch will be visible on your phone. However, if you’re not, then you’ll probably need a screen repair.

Fortunately, just because you have a damaged screen doesn’t necessarily mean, you’ll need a new phone. Instead, you will need to fix your phone screen,  to get your phone working as effectively as before…   read more about Fix Your Phone Screen.

Qualities To Look For In A Phone Screen Repair Expert

In today’s daily routine, mobile phones and tablet PCs are a necessity. This is beacuse; your day comes to a standstill when there’s something wrong with your tablet or smartphone. Thus the need for having a reliable screen repair expert.  You can get a cracked screen by dropping your device, dropping something on it, getting it crushed in your bag or sitting on the phone.

The sensible thing is contacting a local phone repair shop. However, to get the best results and services, you can’t just hire a company you hear of from friends or find online. If you require a quality screen repair job, you’ll have to put in more care while selecting a tablet, iPod or smartphone screen repair expert. Make thorough consultations with the different repair experts, research on their methods, feedback from clients and services to be safe..   read more about Screen Repair

How to Take Care of a Phone Screen

phone screen allows the user to navigate quickly through the different applications and icons on the phone. It is however very easy to damage the screen, especially when not handled in the right way. Having the basic knowledge of how to take good care of your mobile phone screen will prolong the life of the device by ensuring that it does not get damaged easily.

Below are the primary care tips that you should observe while using your smartphone:


Clean with care– most phone screens are made using tempered glass. Tempered glass should be cleaned using a soft cotton cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser to prevent surface scratches and other phone damages…   read more about Phone Screen

Choosing Ideal Phone Fix Near Me Repair Shop

The society is referred to as mobile; this is due to the fact that almost every individual has a smart phone. This makes it one of the vital reasons of having a reliable phone fix near me shop. This is because; the devices break down, yet they contain a lot of necessary data. Most individuals are so used to smart phones that they cannot do without them; smart phones helps them stay connected, access the internet and storing great amounts of data and so much more.

When you misplace your phone, its’ not as a great an issue as it would be to damage it, currently there are so many different makes of smartphones that you can opt for. They however have the same damages such as; water damage, cracked screen, wear and tear. With the mentioned damages, knowing a phone fix near me is very vital as a phone owner…   read more about Phone Fix Near Me

Top Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Cracked Screen
We have all dealt with a cracked screen at one point in life, considering that the usage of Smartphones and electronic devices has increased. Most of these devices are very fragile despite them being expensive. However, whether your device gets one or more screen cracks, it’s essential to take a crucial immediate step to repair or replace it. A cracked screen may be costly to fix, but that shouldn’t make you leave to stay with it even if it’s still functioning.

Below are important reasons why you should find a solution to your cracked screen immediately when it breaks:….   read more about Cracked Screen

Importance Of IPad Repair

There are many benefits of iPad repair. Firstly, the device acts as both a phone and a computer due to its portability. It also connects to wifi well, captures great pictures, shoots videos and performs internal web browsing features. It can also download apps and movies. Its damage therefore interferes will all those functions, making the repair necessary. Below are some of the benefits you get for repairing your damaged or broken iPad….   read more about IPAD REPAIR

The Best Option For IPhone Screen Repair

We cannot underestimate the importance of iPhone screen repair no matter how careful we tend to be with our iPhone. This is because iPhones drop from time to time, leaving the screens shattered or cracked. Although some of the effects are minor and they don’t affect the usage of the iPhone, they need to be repaired so that they don’t pose challenges in the future…   read more about IPHONE SCREEN REPAIR

Cell Phone Repair

Cell phone repair is considered to be a cheaper option than purchasing a new one. Although some of the major phone damages may require the technical methods of repair, the minor damages such as clogged headphone jacks, water repair, and cracked LCD screens are easy to repair. Some of these breakdowns will require the help of a cell phone repair expert, while others are simple and you can fix them by yourself at home. While fixing the repairs is cheaper than purchasing, you can take advantage of the available repair services to pick the best regarding price and services…   read more about CELL PHONE REPAIR

Phone Repair In Rancho Cordova CA

First Response Phone Repair specializes first and foremost in all kinds of cell phone repairs. Our phone repair shop offers affordable phone repairs on all types of models so that no matter what brand of phone you’re loyal to, we’ve got everything we need to get it up and running again in no time. Come see us at First Response Phone Repair for a complete description of all the services and products we offer for completing your phone repairs…  read more about PHONE REPAIR

Phone Battery Replacements In Sacramento

First Response Phone Repair makes sure that everything on your phone works the way you want it to with phone battery replacements. In addition to making sure that your phone can hold a charge again, we also offer a complete selection of phone accessories, phone cases, and phone chargers so that we have all the extra components you need to get the most effective use out of the most important electronic device you own in this modern age. Swing by First Response Phone Repair today and check out all the options we give you for getting the best use out of your phones and tablets…  read more about BATTERY REPLACEMENTS

Phone Screen Repair

First Response Phone Repair fixes the most common problem with everyone’s phones with our phone screen repair services. Our broken screen repair services use the most modern tools and techniques to restore or replace your phone screen so that you get the crystal clear images you deserve on your high-tech electronic devices. Contact us today and we’ll show you all the services and resources we provide for giving you back your phone in the like-new condition you were hoping for… read more about PHONE SCREEN REPAIR

First Response Phone Repair

First Response Phone Repair is proud to serve the area of Rancho Cordova, CA with expert cell phone, and tablet repairs. First Respones Phone Repair of Rancho Cordova technicians are professionally trained to make repairs on devices of all makes and models. Our technicians are specialized in screen repair of iPhones and iPads. Thanks to this specialization, First Response Phone Repair of Rancho Cordova is able to offer same-day screen repairs. Many screen repairs may even be done while you wait in our store. Not only are our repairs fast, they are also affordable, professional and convenient. Stop into First Response Phone Repair Rancho Cordova today and receive a free estimate on your repair…  read more about FIRST RESPONSE PHONE REPAIR