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First Response Phone Repair started doing business in a shop in Sacramento, California. From those humble origins, we can now provide a one-stop-shop for all manner of issues your phone might face. We sell new and used devices, we can repair any malfunction your phone may have and we can refurbish cracked or damaged screens.


Our customer service and experience have set us apart and allowed us to have the most affordable prices here in Sacramento, California. We are a small family owned business that seperates us from other competators as we do not have an expensive overhead as most do. Due to that reason we are able to charge a lot less for labor and have you as a happy customer with First Response Phone Repair.


From all manner of repairs to accessories and general assistance, our service center is ready to assist you with your phone-related needs. Being fully staffed with knowledgeable professionals, your phone-related problems can be turned into solutions. Do not hesitate to stop by and get your phone back to peak performance.

We do all kinds of repairs

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Hi, My name is Denis.  I have always had a passion of being able to help out the community of Sacramento, California.



Hi, My name is Denis.  I have always had a passion of being able to help out the community of Sacramento, California. I started off with helping people in need by providing to the homeless for food, clothes, and anything that can keep them warm. After a while I found myself helping around the church. I grew a desire of opening a business were I would be able to help out my community with items that most people need. Daniil and I happened to speak about a topic of him having the ability to repair electronics. That is when we got an idea of opening up a phone repair store as almost every person owns an electronic device. We now have been in business since 2015 and are proudly able to say that we can achieve of being able to reach out to the community of Sacramento by helping them restore their devices back to original, and also the most affordable price for them.


Hello, my name is Daniil, I also am a co-owner with Denis and not just a co-owner but a technician as well that can get your device back to working again. I have been working with electronics for many years now ever since I realized that my skill set was to repair unwanted, broken, beat up electronics and get them restored. I noticed that many people replace their broken device instead of repairing them as it seems it is the easiest way out. I can guarantee an easier way out and it would be bringing it to First Response Phone Repair where we not only have the most affordable prices, but as well have the knowledge to restore your device back to factory working condition. My focus here at First Response Phone Repair is to see every customer leave with a smile.

Hi my name is Daniil. I have huge experience in

all kinds of repairs