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The frustration of a faulty game console is something we understand well at Citrus Heights Gaming Solutions. When your gaming adventures are halted, we offer you top-notch game console repair in Citrus Heights, CA. Our seasoned technicians are proficient in handling various consoles, including Xbox and PS4, providing swift, effective, and reliable solutions to get you back in the game without delay.

Are you experiencing gaming disruptions? Contact us at (916) 735-2266 or visit our shop for specialized Xbox and PS4 repair in Citrus Heights, CA. We utilize advanced repair techniques to address various console issues, ensuring you can resume your gaming sessions swiftly. From minor adjustments to major repairs, we’re your one-stop destination! Get your free estimate today and explore our broad spectrum of gaming repair services designed just for you!

Game Console Repair

Trustworthy and Efficient Xbox and PS4 Repair in Citrus Heights, CA

In the quest for a seamless gaming experience, First Response is your reliable partner, offering superior and trustworthy Xbox and Apple watch repair in Citrus Heights, CA. We delve into the intricate details of each gaming console, providing enduring solutions and preventing recurrent troubles, guaranteeing uninterrupted and smooth gaming encounters.

Quick Solutions to Enhance Your Gaming Experience!

No matter the model or brand of your game console, our skilled technicians are ready to rectify any issues promptly. We pride ourselves on delivering quality and durable repair services to meet the needs of gamers in Citrus Heights, CA. Whether troubleshooting software glitches or repairing hardware defects, we are committed to minimizing your gaming downtime and maximizing your enjoyment.

Offering a Variety of Game Console Repair Services in Citrus Heights, CA

Our range of specialized services includes, Are you facing troubles with your gaming console and needing immediate and dependable game console repair in Citrus Heights, CA?

HDMI Port Replacement

Hard Drive Repair


Power Issues

Are you facing troubles with your gaming console and needing immediate and dependable game console repair in Citrus Heights, CA? Don’t hesitate to contact Citrus Heights Gaming Solutions and elevate your gaming sessions with our unparalleled repair services!

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Customer Satisfaction is our top priority! We work diligently and earnestly to make our customers happy.


Our warranty is well trusted in the tech repair space!


If our competitors have better rates, we will match their price by $10 within a 10-mile radius.


Our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals can remedy all of your phone-related problems. If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you!

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udit mor
udit mor
So amazing work they do.
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Quinlan McCarthy
Huge selection of great condition, unlocked brand-name phones, with a consistently rotating stock. Any type of tech service you can imagine and a friendly staff. Right price, right device, and absolutely wonderful service. Thanks guys, you rock.
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Gina McBride
They fixed ipad and I had it back that afternoon. V
Khach from USA
Khach from USA
Good job guys 👌
Scott Kerekes
Scott Kerekes
Really good they handle there stuff they keep their word everything I have took there has come out on time and they charge fair prices just wish they had more inventory that's all